Lehigh's Startup All-Stars

Thanks to the growth and development of entrepreneurship at Lehigh, students are able to transform their ideas into innovative services and profitable companies right after, or even before, they leave the classroom. From jaw-dropping growth rates to substantial profit margins to innovative products and services, these alumni and their entrepreneurial successes have raised the bar for what can be accomplished as a Lehigh graduate.

Successful startup companies founded at Lehigh include the following:

EcoTech Marine

EcoTech Marine
Pat Clasen and Tim Marks
, Class of 2004

EcoTech Marine was cofounded in 2003 by Clasen and Marks after their participation in Lehigh's Integrated Product Development (IPD) program. The company's three-year growth rate of 995 percent and revenues of $3.8 million in 2009 helped launch them into the Inc.com Top 500. The company's most successful product, the VorTech Pump, has revolutionized aquarium pump technology.


Rob Sandie
, Class of 2006

Viddler is a social networking website that allows users to upload, edit, and share digital videos quickly and with ease. By capitalizing on the popularity of social networking and social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter, Viddler has created a successful and popular platform for digital video sharing across the web.

Lehigh Valley Grand Priz Lehigh Valley Grand Prix
Mike McCreary
, Class of 2007

When his idea to start a grand prix in the Lehigh Valley won a grant through Lehigh's 2007 Joan F. and John M. Thalheimer '55 Student Entrepreneurs Competition, McCreary kicked his plan into motion. With the grand opening just two months after he received his diploma, Lehigh Valley Grand Prix, McCreary and his business partner, Chris Cooper '06, were on the fast track to success. As one of the largest facilities with the fastest indoor go-karts in the area, Lehigh Valley Grand Prix offers an adrenaline-boosting experience for a reasonable cost.
hField Technologies hField Technologies
Curtis MacDonald
, Class of 2005

While still a student in the Integrated Business and Engineering program, MacDonald began designing and building a wireless adapter that would allow him to live outside of the Lehigh network but still connect to it. Although his first prototype was made from an old soup can, he eventually designed the Wi-Fire adaptor, a one-of-a-kind device in its field. HField Technologies, established by MacDonald, as well as Lehigh graduates Tom DiClemente '74 and Blake Kleintop '06, sells the Wi-Fire adapter, which allows users to access wireless networks from three times the standard distance by simply plugging the product to their computer's USB port.
LifeServe Innovations



LifeServe Innovations, LLC
Zach Bloom and Rick Arlow, Class of 2009

LifeServe Innovations develops medical devices that help open a patient's airways to receive more oxygen in emergency situations. With the firm's products, patients receive noninvasive procedures to open their airways that take only 60 seconds to perform, compared to the traditional 10- to 15-minute surgical procedure. While at Lehigh, the team successfully competed for the 2009 Joan F. and John M. Thalheimer '55 Student Entrepreneurs competition and the 2009 Michael Levin Advanced Technology Prize. LifeServe Innovations is now a sponsor of Lehigh student projects and Bloom has served as Lehigh's entrepreneur-in-residence. In 2011, Bloom and Arlow visited the White House as representatives of American entrepreneurship.

George Guest LTD George Guest, Ltd.
George Keeler
, Class of 2009

What began as a personal project by George Keeler '09 became George Guest, Ltd., a company that designs and manufactures backpacks for everyday use, but also for outdoor enthusiasts and travelers' adventures. After designing the first prototype, Keeler entered and won the 2008 Joan F.and John M. Thalheimer '55 Student Entrepreneurs Competition, which awarded him the grant he needed to edit and redesign his sample backpack, as well as jumpstart the company. As the first product Keeler developed, the extremely lightweight and waterproof G-paK features an innovative drawstring closure system and can be compacted into a pouch the size of a wallet. The company is now preparing for the launch of their next line of travel-inspired products.
Identity Finder Identity Finder, LLC
Todd Feinman, Class of 1990

A leader in data loss and identity theft prevention services, Identity Finder, LLC offers its services to more than 3,000 corporations in 40 countries around the world. CEO and co-founder Todd Feinman '90 leads the company in its mission to protect users' stored personal information. Using an innovative approach, Identity Finder protects a user's 'Data-at-Rest,' ranging from bank account information to social security numbers, rather than trying to prevent the hackers from entering users' servers through 'Data-in-Motion' like most other data loss and theft prevention resources.


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