Lehigh Entrepreneurs In the News ...

... in Lehigh's Resolve magazine:

  • A rigorous integration
    Lehigh's Integrated Business and Engineering (IBE) degree stresses, and produces, innovation.

  • Riding a wave
    Lehigh Integrated Product Development (IPD) program is building an integrated workforce.

  • Bridging business and computer science
    Lehigh's Computer Science and Business (CSB) program provides an understanding of computer forensics and corporate risk management at an unprecedented level.

  • Where engineering and math meet finance
    Lehigh's Master's in Analytical Finance trains students to develop and implement solutions to complex, often highly quantitative problems in the finance industry.

  • The arts-engineering edge
    Lehigh's 5-year Arts-Engineering degree program gives diverse passions a place to grow.

  • Powersurge
    Lehigh's Energy Systems Engineering Institute seeks to brighten America's energy future and train the next generation of energy innovators.

... in Lehigh University News:

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