EcoTech Marine Case Study

On any list of business success stories, you know it must be going pretty well when your firm ends up listed between Google and Microsoft.

Yet that is exactly where EcoTech Marine found itself in September 2010, courtesy of a Newsweek article listing the top 10 companies that grew from college ideas into business juggernauts. EcoTech Marine is the result of the research and entrepreneurial savvy of Pat Clasen and Tim Marks, both of Lehigh's Class of 2004, who founded their business as a natural extension of participation in Lehigh's Integrated Product Development (IPD) program as well as graduate training in technical entrepreneurship.

Founded in 2003, EcoTech Marine has experienced an eye-popping annual growth rate of 995%, and has achieved a ranking of #302 in Inc. magazine's review of the 500 fastest-growing companies in the country.

EcoTech Marine has now come full circle and serves as a perennial sponsor and mentor for current Lehigh student-entrepreneurs. "Lehigh gives students a chance at real success, either by working for a company that sponsors your product or by developing your own company into a career," says Marks. "It's not just an academic exercise; it's an entry to the real world."

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We knew them when ... from Lehigh University's Resolve magazine, September 2007.

The Inc. 500 Ranking
Inc. magazine rated EcoTech as the 302nd fastest-growing firm in America.


EcoTech Marine LLC

Lehigh entrepreneurs Pat Clasen (l) and Tim Marks (r), with business partner Justin Lawyer and ETM's VorTech propeller pump