Lehigh University Catholic Campus Ministry:
The Newman Center at Holy Ghost Church

Catholic Student Union Executive Board

The CSU Executive Board is comprised of members of the Lehigh University Catholic Community who have made a commitment to further the presence of the Catholic Church on campus. The purpose of the CSU Executive Board is to advise the Catholic Chaplain on the areas regarding Catholic life on campus, especially in planning and implementing Catholic religious, social, and intellectual functions. The CSU Executive Board is also the steering committee for the Catholic Student Union, which provides activities, support and fellowship for Catholic student-members.

Election of Officers

In order to run for the CSU Executive Board, you must be an undergraduate, graduate student or faculty member of Lehigh University who is a practicing Catholic.

Current Head Officers, Position Descriptions


The President acts as the official spokesperson for the Catholic Student Union with the Director of the Newman Center who is a priest of the Diocese of Allentown. Presides over all Executive Board meetings. Aids in planning and to participate in any Catholic Student Union activities. Carries out all duties which are delegated by the Catholic Student Union.

Vice President:

The Vice President takes the place of the President when he or she is unable to attend a meeting or other prior engagement. Aids in the planning of events and in any paperwork as needed. Aids in management of any finances, if and when he or she is called upon to do so.


The Secretary records the minutes of all Executive Board meetings. Arranges for the distribution of minutes from the previous meeting to members and takes accurate attendance at all meetings. Assists in the promotion activities and upcoming events through the methods he or she chooses to be most appropriate (e-mail, bulletin board postings, Facebook) and advises the Director of the Newman Center on using these methods.

Vice President of Service:

The Vice President of Service chooses service activities for the council and organizes these activites.

ViviWebmaster: Viviana Rios (vir215@lehigh.edu)

The Webmaster maintains all electronic communication resources (the website, Facebook, Google calendar, the Hub) and assists the Secretary in publicity of events. Updates the website as needed.