Lehigh University Catholic Campus Ministry:
The Newman Center at Holy Ghost Church

The Lehigh University Catholic Student Union Constitution

Article I

The name of the organization shall be the Catholic Student Union.

Article II

The purpose of the Newman Center is to organize and unify the Lehigh Catholic community, to assist the members of the Lehigh community in coming to a personal adult expression of the faith, to provide a visible student symbol of active Catholic life to all Lehigh students, and to ease the transition from home-life to college-life and concurrently ease the particular challenges to Catholic ideals and teachings resulting from this transition.

Article III

Membership is open to all Students of the Lehigh community as well as Graduate students and Faculty. Members may not participate in activities which compromise the purpose of the Catholic Student Union . Members must be active in at least one committee. Membership can be reviewed by the exec board as needed. Executive Board Members must attend 75% of all possible meetings each semester or a replacement election may be held.

Article IV

Section 1

Section 2

To be considered for office, a student must have been an active Catholic Student Union member for at least one semester prior to the election. Candidates must be students at Lehigh University and must remain to for the duration of the office. An application for office must be supported by at least three current Catholic Student Union members. Officers will be elected during the month of April.

Section 3

Article V

Section 1

Regularly scheduled meetings shall be held twice a month in the Newman Center.

Section 2

A quorum will consist of 25-50% of the regular members.

Article VI

Each committee will be presided over by its Vice President.

Article VII

No dues are collected. All requests for finances will go through the Director of the Newman Center -who is a Roman Catholic Priest of the Diocese of Allentown.

Article VIII

Amendments to the constitution require a vote of 2/3. Members are to be notified of the vote beforehand. Amendments must be approved by the Director of the Newman Center -who is a Roman Catholic Priest of the Diocese of Allentown.