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Our Faculty

The Faculty affiliated with the Manufacturing Systems Engineering Program are members of the academic departments in the Colleges of Engineering and Applied Science, Business and Economics and Arts and Sciences. All have extensive backgrounds in technology transfer activities with industry, in addition to noted academic careers.

2013-2014 MSE affiliated teaching faculty

Keith M. Gardiner
Director of the Center for Manufacturing Systems Engineering (CMSE) and Professor of Industrial & Systems Engineering

Steve Goldman
Andrew W. Mellon Distinguished Professor of Humanities, College of Arts & Sciences

Mikell P. Groover
Professor Emeritus of Industrial & Systems Engineering

Parveen Gupta
Professor and Chair, Department of Accounting, College of Business & Economics

Jacob Y. Kazakia
Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics

Roger N. Nagel
Harvey Wagner Professor Emeritus of Manufacturing Systems Engineering

John B. Ochs
Professor IPD Program

Richard Roberts
Professor Emeritus, Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics

Theodore Schlie
Professor Emeritus, Management, College of Business & Economics

Lawrence Snyder
Associate Professor of Industrial & Systems Engineering

Robert J. Trent
Professor and Chair, Department of Management, College of Business & Economics

Andrew Ward
Associate Professor, Department of Management

George R. Wilson

Associate Professor Industrial and Systems Engineering

Adjunct Faculty

John H. Welsch
Principal, J. H. Welsch Consulting, L.L.C.

Alan Feiertag
Program Manager, Mack Trucks, Group Truck Operations, Customer Engineering, Customer Center, Allentown, PA

David J. Hinrichs
Lecturer, Department of Accounting, Graduate Programs Office