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This 200kV FEG-TEM/STEM is fitted with a Cs aberration corrector to achieve an ultimate probe-size of 0.15nm and maximize the spatial resolution of the image and spectroscopic data. It is equipped with XEDS and EELS systems. It also has a novel in-column Omega-filter to allow energy filtering of images and diffraction patterns. This instrument has the best resolution and a full remote access capability.

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April 2011
NOTICE: Interruption of STEM access during upgrade to JEM ARM200F

The JEOL 2200FS STEM will be available through the end of summer 2011, and will then be removed to prepare for installation of Lehigh’s new JEOL ARM200F STEM expected to arrive in early 2012. Training users on the existing 2200FS STEM may not be possible as we approach the date for dismantling this microscope, and during the transition period, we will not have STEM capability in operation.

Installation, commissioning and learning curve for the new 200F will take some time, and we cannot yet predict the how or when new users will be trained for this instrument. Please check this website or call for updates on these developments.

For information on the new JEM-ARM200F, see:



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