DMS Location:
Rooms 421-430
EWFM Library
8A E. Packer Ave.
Lehigh University
Bethlehem, Pa. 18015


Laptop Ready Classrooms

Laptop Ready Rooms are classrooms with a data projector, a VCR or VCR/DVD player and a jack for connection of a user-supplied laptop.  A network connection is also available.

Technology Classrooms are classrooms with a data projector, VCR or VCR/DVD, a PC (with CD/DVD drive), a sound system, and a cable and jack for use with a user-supplied laptop.

Dual Projector Classrooms are equipped and function much like Technology Classrooms; however the 2nd projector enables the instructor to display two different sources at the same time.  These rooms also have document cameras that enable the user to put paper, transparency or even three dimensional objects on the screen.  Some of these rooms are also equipped with a Smart board device that works as a white board and also allows the user to notate over computer programs.  These are somewhat complex rooms, so if you’d like an orientation call the Media Center (83059)

Our auditoriums have all the features of a technology classroom with the addition of a microphone at the podium.  Wireless microphones are also available from the Media Center.

Wireless mice are available from the Media Center for all classrooms with a built-in computer.