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For more information call: 610-758-6134
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Modern Language Support

Films in Media Center/ Global Union / Study Abroad / Global Blog

The IMRC helps support Modern Language learning (please see the Modern Languages and Literature department at Lehigh) by striving to emulate the possibilities of virtual immersion through a diverse structure of multimedia based support -- including digitizing and streaming audio and video, satellite downlinking, web-based and other online learning opportunities, local software applications housed in the IMRC and a variety of broadcast alternatives.

An international media (VHS/DVD) collection, formerly housed in the IMRC, has been moved to the Media Center. Faculty can request course specific materials to be placed on reserve in the IMRC for as long as a semester.

video rack

Also, IMRC staff work with MLL and Global Citizenship faculty to create collaborative student-centered interactive online research projects and archives.