Rooms 470, 473, 490 Maginnes Hall
#9 Packer Ave.
Lehigh University
Bethlehem, Pa. 18015

Hours of Operation:
During classes in the Fall/Spring semesters:
Monday - Thursday:
8:15am - 10:45pm
Friday: 8:15am - 6:00pm
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: 4 to 10:45pm

Summer & Breaks
Monday - Friday:
9am - 5pm
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

For more information call: 610-758-6134
or contact:
Johanna Brams at jsb4@lehigh.edu.

IMRC - Equipment & Resources

Broadcasting / Capture Screen / Equipment loan / Flexible collaborative computer classroom / Reserve / Viewing stations / World View Room

The IMRC has a variety of equipment available for use by the Lehigh Community.

Room 470 features a multimedia lab with flexible seating for 20+, a white capture board, scanners, laptops for loan, 2 large portable plasma monitors, and five permanent public stations -- ideal for collaborative learning.


Four restricted stations in Rooms 470 and 473 provide staff support for web authoring, digitization of audio and video,audio/video editing and faculty training/collaboration. Three viewing stations provide VHS/DVD/international DVD viewing for reserved media.

Room 470 contains a 'head-end' broadcast rack which operates a C/KU steerable satellite dish and controls several campus broadcast channel. Upcoming on the rack will be a new digital media server which will feature student and academic programming.

Down the hall from the IMRC in Room 490 is the World View Room -- a teleconferencing/multimedia lounge with a 53 inch rear projection television, which can seat up to 35+ people. This room is popular for viewing VHS/DVD films as well as satellite downlinks, and facultystaff/ can request the room for date/time specific showing, as well as request certain film titles to be on reserve in the IMRC office (Room 470).

Broadcasting: Channels


Capture Board

The Capture Board, located in Maginnes 470, is a white board with a camera attached.  This tool has the ability to capture anything written on the white board as a .png file and directly posts that file to a specific location on the web.  From there, the file can be copied and moved to a Blackboard course or to any web location.

The Capture Board is ideal for archiving mathematical notations, all kinds of diagrams, abstract art or non-western fonts.

Colin at the whiteborad

Equipment loan

Most equipment at the IMRC is for use in the IMRC only.  Other equipment may be taken on loan from the Media Center.  (There will shortly be a link here to a database listing portable Instructional Technology equipment able to be loaned, and where to find it on campus.)

Flexible collaborative computer classroom

Maginnes 470 is a room set up for collaborative learning, which includes a capture board, 5 fixed computer stations and scanners, moveable tables and chairs, laptops, a printer and two 20" monitors which can be attached to laptops for group work.  There are also three VCR/DVD viewing stations.

The room also contains a web authoring station which contains a PC, scanner, printer, slide digitizer, and Mac G5 digital authoring station -- for use by faculty, the IMRC staff or Lehigh Unregistered, the campus digital video club.

Inthira at the workstation


Movies may be placed on reserve in the IMRC by faculty members. These movies may be scheduled for showings in the World View Room (Maginnes 490.) They may also be watched individually at VCR/DVD viewing stations in Room 470.

Viewing stations

Three viewing stations contain a TV, VCR and DVD setups.  There is also an international DVD player capable of enabling DVD movies in foreign formats.

Irina at the tv

World View Room

Maginnes Room 490 is a multimedia lounge which comfortably seats up to 40 people.  The room features a 52" television set directly linked to the broadcast rack in Room 470 -- so that one can either watch a downllinked signal, CNN, C-Span or a show specially linked to a channel on the Campus Cable system.

The room is comfortably furnished with upholstered chairs, couches, stools and coffee tables and is ideal to host either a telelconference, a scheduled movie showing or a reception.

World view room