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IMRC:  Working with the LTS Digital Image Collection (Content Dm)

Content DM provides an opportunity for faculty and staff to archive images used for teaching courses, research or pure archival efforts. These images can be slides, photographs, artwork, paper...any 'hard' format needing to be scanned, or those images already scanned and digitized.

Once digitized, these images can be uploaded to the Content DM server.  Once on the server, different fields of metadata can be added to each image. 

When an image and its relative metadata are on the server, it can be sorted with like items into different sub-collections -- or edited, deleted or otherwise maintained.

The Content DM software has an add-on which allows sub-collections, complete with images and metadata, to be moved into a Powerpoint Presentation.

Content DM

IMRC staff can assist in scanning media and annotating the resulting digital images with an initial rendition of metadata based on hard notes.

Once an online collection exists, a faculty or staff client can edit that specific image collection through an application 'manager' which is installed on his or her personal computer. The client can also produce specific sub-collections for unique lectures attached to courses or presentations, which can be saved for future use. A link to these collections can be placed in BlackBoard courses.

For more information, please contact Johanna Brams (jsb4@lehigh.edu) or George Motter (gfm3@lehigh.edu).