DMS Location:
Rooms 421-430
EWFM Library
8A E. Packer Ave.
Lehigh University
Bethlehem, Pa. 18015

IMS Staff Location: EWFM Library
8A East Packer Ave.
Lehigh University Bethlehem, Pa. 18015

Staff List:
Elia Schoomer / Room 371

Steve Lichak / Room 421

Kathy Butler

Jarret Brown / Room 370b

Allen Kingsbury / Room 370b



The following FAQ's (frequently asked questions) are based on questions we find are often asked in the IMS studios and centers.  Please feel free to submit your own FAQ to us by e-mailing us.

FAQ:  Where can I borrow laptops?

Answer:  In the DMS (Digital Media Studio).

FAQ:  Where can I borrow video cameras or use video editing stations?

Answer:  In the DMS (Digital Media Studio).

FAQ:  Where can I find help with digital media?

Answer:  The DMS (Digital Media Studio) handles much of the video and photography work for the campus.

FAQ:  Where do I find foreign movies?

Answer: The Library manages a large collection of movies including foreign movies, documentaries and feature films.  The collection is managed and circulated at the main circulation desk in EWMF library. Films may also be placed on reserve at the circulation desk for on-site viewing.  Some films may also be on reserve in the IMRC.

FAQ: How do I reserve rooms 370d or 379 in the Media Center?

Answer: To reserve one of the two TRLC classrooms, please call 8x3057 or e-mail

FAQ: How do I report a problem with classroom presentation system or public site computer?

Answer: If you wish to report a technical problem with a Library and Technology Services (LTS) Public Computing Site or Registrar Technology Classroom call the Help Desk (x8HELP) to open a trouble ticket which will begin the process of assigning and scheduling the work. Contacting the Help Desk is the fastest way to get the problem on the team's repair list; calling the technicians directly may result in delays as they may be out of the office doing repairs or classroom/site projects.

Your service request will be assigned a trouble ticket number which will be used to track the work.

Trouble reports on classroom hardware (e.g. projectors, touch panels, etc.) are classified as critical services and every attempt will be made to dispatch a TIMS technician (or LTS staff member) immediately during working hours Monday through Friday. Please call even after hours as we have technicians still available some evenings and early in the morning.