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QTVR (Virtual Reality) in the Digital Media Studio

QuickTime VR (virtual reality, also known as QTVR)
is a type of image file format supported by Apple's QuickTime. It allows the creation and viewing of photographically captured panoramas and the exploration of objects through images taken at multiple viewing angles.

QuickTime VR will play on Windows computers as well as Apple computers.  There are two basic types of QTVR movies: 

  • Panoramas are views of scenes captured from one location with the viewer moving around in the space via the mouse. 
  • Object movies are typically captured by moving a camera around or over an object so the viewer can effectively rotate the object with the mouse. 



In contrast to Panoramas, which are captured from one location looking out at various angles, objects are captured from many locations pointing in toward the same central object. The simplest type of Object VRs to capture are single row, typically captured around the equator of an object. This is normally facilitated by a rotating turntable. The object is placed on the turntable, and photographed at equal angular increments (usually 10°) from a camera mounted on a tripod. Capturing a multi-row object movie requires a more elaborate setup for capturing images, because the camera must be tilted above and below the equator of the object at several tilt angles. The image source does not have to be photographic, 3D renderings or drawings can be used.