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Digital Media Studio

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The Digital Media Studio consists of two wings. To the east is the studio area which houses resources for professional preparation of photographic materials, QuickTime Virtual Reality movies, video recording including green-screen, audio recording, video editing, and media duplication. This area and its resources are available to all members of the Lehigh community by appointment only and with the active involvement of professional staff.

Digital Media Studio                   Digital Media Classroom

The west wing houses a 19 station Mac computer lab with both basic and advanced video editing software on every station, a dedicated media server for storage of project files, an instructor station and projection system, scanners, color and black and white printers, and loaner video and photography equipment. The DMS computer area is a staffed public site with extended hours and a very specific charter: to support graphic and video related projects for students, faculty and staff. As a teaching space, the room is scheduled and reserved for instruction as needed for the specific sessions of classes that involve learning the process or software being used by students doing individual or group projects. In order to maximize access for all users we discourage use of this facility for regular class meetings.

Also from the service desk, Instructional Media Services also lends out equipment in media production (cameras, microphones, tripods, etc) as well as equipment used in support of classroom presentations (video projectors, classroom microphones, portable PA systems, audio recorders, remote controls, clickers, and more). For information or reservations call 83057.

Assistance With Video Assignments

If you are a faculty member planning to assign a project in which students create or work with video, LTS's Documentary Resource Team can provide resource coordination support, production expertise, instruction for students, course development assistance, advice on equipment needs, etc. If you would like to request such support, please complete a brief request form. We will review your request and a team member will follow up with you on how we can best work together to ensure that you and your students have the resources you need. If you don’t know how to answer one of the questions, leave it blank; we’ll work together on answers during a follow-up conversation.

If you are a student with a video project assignment our Digital Standards Guide offers links to many on-line tutorials. In addition, staff in the Media Center and Digital Media Studio can help get you started.