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        Digital Standards Guide

Video : Online : Course Site

Video : Online : iTunes U
For iTunes U we recommend the .m4v file type.
(File size must be under 500mb). iTunes U, short for iTunes University is a part of the Apple iTunes store specifically for managing, distributing, and controlling access to educational audio and video content for students within a college or university as well as the broader Internet.

Standard format: .m4v

iMovie HD / QuickTime Pro / iMovie 09:
Tutorial: .M4V instructions

From iMovie HD the resolution is 320x240.
From QuickTime Pro or iMovie 09 the resolution is 640x480.

Other Formats:
Tutorial: MPEG-4 (.mp4) for iTunesU with the H.264 codec.

Additional Resources:
Tutorial: Upload to iTunesU

Video : Online : Web
For video on the web we recommend using QuickTime Pro to encode the video to the .flv file format. Flash video on the web is the most compatible format for PC's and Macs.

Standard format: .flv

QuickTime Pro:
Tutorial: QuickTime Pro to convert Flash video

*The conversion can also be done with Flash video encoder.

Additional Resources:
Tutorial: Embed a flash video file (.flv) using Dreamweaver

Video : Online : YouTube
For the best quality results with YouTube video, YouTube recommends mpeg 4 video with the H.264 codec.

Standard format: .mp4 with a data rate of 500 kbps for standard definition video.
For 1280x720 the HD video size YouTube currently offers a .mp4 with a data rate of 1400 is recommended.

QuickTime Pro:
Tutorial: MPEG4 video format with H.264 codec

Additional Resources:
Tutorial: Download any video from YouTube
Tutorial: Upload a video to YouTube