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        Digital Standards Guide

Still Images : Editing
For still images editing we recommend editing the image in Photoshop. If you are planning to use your image in a video project a common practice in video is to resize the photo to fit the videos resolution. But it you plan to work with the Ken Burns Effect, its better to keep the photo at double the resolution to prevent pixelization from occuring when zooming in. The Ken Burns effect was pioneered by documentary filmmaker Ken Burns. Its an editing technique where motion is used to give life to still photographs by slowly zooming in on subjects of interest or panning from one subject to another.

Standard definition 4:3 video: 640x480 pixels.
Widescreen definition 16:9 video: 720x480 pixels.
High definition widescreen: 1920x1080 pixels.
Having more pixels than your target video size would allow room to manipulate the image (panning, zooming) using the Ken Burns Effect. Try to obtain images with double the pixels listed above.

Standard format for video: .jpg (JPEG)

Standard format for editing: .PSD (Photoshop project file)

Keep the Photoshop project file (.PSD) for retaining layers and edits. Save as a .TIFF or .RAW to keep the image uncompressed at its highest quality.

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