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        Digital Standards Guide

Welcome to the Instructional Media Services guide to digital media. This knowledge base will help you get started with your digital media project. First select the medium you are working with from the links below. Additional links will then appear relating to your anticipated use for the digitized material. After selecting one of these outcomes, you’ll see standards suggestions and links to related tutorials or guides. This resource is a work in progress. If you can suggest additional resources or another way to do something please let us know so we can evaluate and incorporate these ideas into the guide.

          Select the type of material you wish to digitize.

Assistance With Video Assignments

If you are a faculty member planning to assign a project in which students create or work with video, LTS's Documentary Resource Team can provide resource coordination support, production expertise, instruction for students, course development assistance, advice on equipment needs, etc. If you would like to request such support, please complete a brief request form. We will review your request and a team member will follow up with you on how we can best work together to ensure that you and your students have the resources you need. If you don’t know how to answer one of the questions, leave it blank; we’ll work together on answers during a follow-up conversation.

If you are a student with a video project assignment our Digital Standards Guide offers links to many on-line tutorials. In addition, staff in the Media Center and Digital Media Studio can help get you started.