Office of Multicultural Affairs

Programs & Services

The OMA is readily available, offering a variety of engaging programs and valuable services to the diverse needs of the Lehigh campus and surrounding communities. We are energized and open to the numerous opportunities to partner with campus departments, offices, organizations, student groups, and others to provide Lehigh with the most innovative, current, and exciting cross cultural engagement.

OMA recognizes the uniqueness and diversity of the Lehigh University community. Throughout the year, please join us in the celebration of Welcome Home Celebration and Chicano/Lation, Native American, Black History, Asian Pacific Islander Heritage months. Also our annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration, Kwanzaa, the Diwali Festival of Lights, and a host of other events that highlight an active level of multicultural engagement and appreciation of the interweaving of our similarities and differences.

OMA programming promotes the intellectual stimulation, self-exploration, and personal growth of students as they engage with multiculturalism within and outside the Lehigh community. Co-curricular experiences such as: historical tours of the Bethlehem Southside; leadership development workshops; academic success seminars; mentoring programs; and collaboration with Lehigh faculty, staff, and alumni are opportunities for personal growth, awareness, and enhancement of multicultural competency.

In addition to co-curricular experiences, we also sponsor roundtable discussions, a brown bag lunch series, open forums, lectures, and meetings that invite community members to be responsive and responsible. Some of our co-sponsored speakers include: author and community organizer Paul Rogat Loeb; inspiration for the movie Hotel Rowanda Paul Rusesabagina; professor, lawyer, and Pulitzer Prize winner Annette Gordon Reed; Columbia University Professor Manning Marable; poet, activist and writer Nikki Giovanni, Rev. Al Sharpton, Attorney Rasheed Ali Cromwell, Founder of the Harbor Institute and Dr. Fernandez-Kelly of Princeton University.

We invite you to contact our office for detailed information about the variety of programs and services available to you!

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