Office of Multicultural Affairs

OMAR Awards 2012

The Office of Multicultural Affairs is in the process of gathering nominations for the 2012 OMARS student award ceremony scheduled for April 19th at 6:30pm in the Asa Packer Dining Room. You can nominate online OR come to the M-Room and fill out a nomination form.

Nominations are due March 16, 2012

Please nominate TODAY!

Below is the list of OMAR awards with a brief description and eligibility criteria.

Best New Artist Award

The Award for Best New Artist is presented to a first year student(s). Potential nominees must exhibit a commitment to academic excellence (as demonstrated by grade point average), belong to extracurricular groups who advance the OMA mission of cultural transmission and dialogue exchange, and cultivate self and peer discovery.

Best Supporting Role

The award for Best Supporting Role presented to a second year student(s) who is a peer role model, competently attends to the needs of other Lehigh students and exhibits academic success. She or he should be conceptualized as an ideal model of personal, relational, and communal achievement.

Best in a Leading Role

The award for Best in a Leading Role is presented to a third year student(s) who is show commitment to social justice, seeks leadership roles, strives for academic excellence, and encourages students of color as well as the broader Lehigh University community to explore and reflect upon their multiple identities.

Best Director

The award for Best director is presented to a graduating student(s) who has demonstrated tremendous leadership, identifies as an agent of climate transformation on the Lehigh campus, and supports the multi-faceted mission of OMA including standing as a model of professional and personal excellence.

Best Adapted Screenplay

From an undergraduate to a graduate student this is a person who has shown a continued commitment to excellence. This award is presented to a graduate student(s) who models leadership, personal integrity, commitment to academic excellence, and multiculturalism.

Best Performance by a Duo or Group

The Best Performance by a duo or group award is presented to a student organization that has impacted student life positively through the promotion of cultural awareness. This student group must have planned activities, sought peer and faculty or staff advice in activity organization as needed, excelled in the delegation of group tasks, attended necessary programming meetings with active attendance of their organization members, and have a cohesive understanding of the mission of their organization.

Producer of the Year

Producer of the year is presented to a faculty or staff member(s) committed to improving the Lehigh experience for students of color. Faculty or staff nominated should be actively involved with incorporating multicultural elements into their academic curriculum or into their work environment. The faculty or staff member should be advancing the multicultural environment at Lehigh University.

The Ralph Albert Thomas '76 Leadership Award

Ralph Albert Thomas '76 Leadership Award is given to a graduating senior who has demonstrated tremendous achievement in their academic, personal, and co-curricular involvement. Moreover, the recipient will have had a significant impact on the quality of life of other Lehigh students.

Artist of the Year

Beautiful talents in the art of selflessness: This award is presented to student(s) whose community service experiences support the dual needs of the Lehigh community and the surrounding South Bethlehem area. Nominees should be identified by their peers as students committed to community service and passionate about social justice issues, promoting greater social equalities and addressing social inequity.

The Primetime OMAR award

The Primetime OMAR is presented to a student(s) committed to multicultural issues in their academic, personal, and athletic pursuits. They are valuable to the Lehigh community for the many roles they play - student, athlete, role model, and agent of change.

Best Picture

The Award for Best Picture is presented to Cultural Programming organizations or groups for a specific program that sparked great public interest and held strong commitment to the mission of the organization as well as the University.

CRITERIA: The award will be presented to organizations that:

Philanthropic Project of the Year Award

This award recognizes the Cultural Programming Board organizations or groups that have best demonstrated their efforts in planning and executing a successful service/philanthropic project which most positively influenced their cause.

CRITERIA: The award will be presented to organizations that:

Outstanding Professionalism Award

This award recognizes the Cultural Programming Board organizations or groups that have best practiced professionalism in their daily duties, and seek to build strong positive relationships with Lehigh University and its neighboring community.

CRITERIA: The award will be presented to organizations that: