Office of Multicultural Affairs

OMA Ambassadors

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Mission Statment

The OMA Ambassador Program encourages undergraduate students to take an active role in campus education around issues of multiculturalism, equity and social justice. Ambassadors are uniquely poised among their peers to raise awareness, promote inclusiveness and prompt genuine celebration of differences across campus. The program challenges student educators and peer participants to think critically about the various communities in which they exist. In spite of this analytic viewpoint, Ambassadors believes that beauty is reflected through the sum of many individual parts and this belief is fundamental to the group's success.

Program Goals

For Peer Educators

For Undergraduate Participants


Ambassadors are dynamic undergraduate students who are well-equipped to educate their peers about a wide range of topics related to multiculturalism, equity, and social justice. These students are selected and trained to facilitate pre-packaged programs around social justice issues. They are also able to design programs from scratch to cater to the specific needs of a group.

Ambassadors will be hired both Fall and Spring semesters and will spend the approximately one month in training to prepare for programming. Beyond the training period, Ambassadors are expected to meet weekly for an hour to evaluate completed programs and plan upcoming events.

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