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Leslie H. Sperling

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Leslie H. Sperling, Professor of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering

Dr. Sperling, B.S. in Chemistry, University of Florida (1954), M.S. in Chemistry , Duke University (1957), and a Ph.D. in Chemistry, Duke University (1959), joined the staff of Lehigh University in June, 1967 as Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering and Senior Staff Member, Materials Research Center. He is now a full Professor and serves as the Co-Chairman of the Education Committee of the Center for Polymer Science and Engineering at Lehigh University. From 1958 to 1965, he was employed by the Buckeye Cellulose Corporation, Memphis, Tennessee. He performed research on gels in cellulosic solutions, optical properties of cellulose acetate plastics, and the relationship between mechanical and structural properties of rayon yarns. During this period, he was also a night instructor at Christian Brothers College in Memphis, teaching Freshman Chemistry and Polymer Chemistry. From July, 1965 to May, 1967, he was postdoctoral research associate at Princeton studying under Dr. A. V. Tobolsky. His research was in the physical and mechanical properties of high polymers, thermoelasticity , and thermal stability of elastomeric networks. His present research interests in clude the molecular basis of fracture in plastics, interpenetrating polymer networks, IPN's from triglyceride oils, and sound and vibration damping. He has published fifteen books and over 300 papers in these areas. In August, 1991, he chaired an ACS sym posium on "Interpenetrating Polymer Networks," the basis for his tenth book. In August, 1996, he co-chaired a symposium on interfacial aspects of multicomponent polymer materials. In April, 2001, John Wiley and sons published the third edition of his textbook, "Introduction to physical Polymer Science." For the past seventeen years, he has served as a Member-at -Large of the Polymer Materials Science and Engineering ACS Division.