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Jeffrey M. Rickman Research

Dr. Rickman joined the Lehigh University faculty in 1993 after postdoctoral appointments at the University of Michigan and Argonne National Laboratory. He did his graduate work in physics at Carnegie Mellon University and his undergraduate work in physics and mathematics at Miami University. His many research interests include the development of computer simulation methodologies for describing fluids and solids, determination of the elastic properties of defects and the kinetics of phase transformations. He holds a joint appointment in the Physics Dept. and has received a Class of '61 professorship. He has received several honors including the NSF Young Investigator Award, the Chambers Junior Professorship and the Culler Prize (Miami University). He is also a member of several honor societies including Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi and Sigma Xi and several professional organizations including the Materials Research Society, the TMS (Chemistry and Physics of Materials Committee) and the American Ceramics Society.

The figure on the right shows an orientation image map for deformed Y-doped alumina, and the color shading corresponds to the stereographic triangle on the left.

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