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The Lehigh University Child Care Center is an extension of the family and welcomes parents to visit their children at the center at anytime. It is all of us working together that helps to raise each child at the center.

There are many ways that parents can participate in their children’s activities at the Lehigh University ChildCare Center. Parent involvement at the center can improve children’s education and child care experiences. Opportunities for parent involvement include, joining the Parent’s Committee and becoming an active volunteer, helping with special events at the center or visiting the center and volunteering.

Parents are encouraged to talk to the director and teachers about their children’s development. It is this sharing of information that helps the center staff to provide the very best care for every child. The teachers will display children’s works and projects. Daily schedules are posted in the rooms and menus are placed in children’s cubbies and also posted throughout the various rooms. Parents are always welcome to come to the center at any time. Parents are encouraged to participate in classroom activities, join us for lunch or for a walk. Realizing that we are an international center, children and their parents are invited to share information about their cultures and countries of origin. Children truly enjoy having their parents spend time with them at the center.

Parent – staff communication can take place at arrival and departure times for children, through e-mail, written notes or telephone calls. Discussions concerning a child’s development and progress usually require more time and should take place in a private location. Parents are asked to schedule phone conversations or personal meetings with their children’s teachers to discuss such issues. There is a notebook in the foyer for parents to write notes about their children. Though parents will tell the teachers that an authorized individual, other then themselves will be picking up their children on a specific day we ask parents to write this information on the tablet or notebook in the foyer.

The Parent Committee provides support to the child care center director, staff and families through parent networking opportunities, recognition events, fund raising opportunities and communication tools. The goal of these efforts is to increase and expand communication between the director, staff and parents and raise overall awareness of the center among the Lehigh community.


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