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Parent Concerns

We consider our child care center to be an extension of the family. We are a family of children, parents and staff all interacting and sharing our lives with each other. In our child care family, all of us working together, it is hoped that our interactions will be positive, kind, mindful and understanding. We will try very hard to provide the very best care we can to your child(ren). We also realize that parents want the very best for their child(ren) and we need to know the hopes, dreams, and concerns that parents have regarding their child(ren). We will do the very best we can to meet the expectations of the parents in a group setting. However, it is realistic to know that there will be times of disagreement, miscommunications and misunderstandings. When this happens, we want parents to tell us and we will work together to resolve the situation.

Parents should speak to their child’s teacher when they are concerned about something or have a question. Generally a time can be designated when parents and teachers can either discuss the concern or question on the phone or in person. The director may be involved in the conversations and meetings. In situations where the parent and or the teacher still has concerns and questions after their initial conversation or meeting, the director will be available for assistance.


Children should wear comfortable clothing to the center. Children paint, color, play outdoors, eat and do other activities and should wear clothing that allow them free movement and to get dirty. Children enjoy playing and it is not the responsibility of the teachers to make sure that children’s clothing remain clean throughout a busy day.

During the winter months all children should have mittens, scarves and hats in addition to warm coats. Though some coats have hoods, hats are much better for children to wear and are warmer especially for outdoor play. When it snows children should have snow pants and boots to wear for outdoor play.

All children need a complete set of extra clothing which would include underwear. socks, shirt, pants. These clothes will be kept in each child’s cubby.


The center provides disposable diapers and wipes for those children wearing diapers. Some toddlers and preschoolers wear “pull-ups”, parents are required to supply the “pull-ups” for their children.

Outdoor Play

All children who are well enough to be in attendance at the center will be taken outdoors, weather permitting. Fresh air and outdoor play is healthy for the children. In cases of in climate weather, hot and humid temperatures and cold temperatures, children will not go outdoors.


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