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Enrollment and Billing Policies

Enrollment and Application

Enrollment is limited to children of Lehigh University staff, students and faculty. Enrollment is secured on first come, first serve basis. Enrollment is also based on the availability of open spaces in the specific areas (infant/baby, toddler, preschool). The center is open 50 hours a week and children are enrolled on a full-time or part-time basis. Full-time care is defined as 25 – 50 hours a week. Part-time care is 24 hours or less a week. Priority is given to full-time care. Full-time and part-time care is available in every age group, however the number of open spaces will vary and parents seeking child care will need to contact the director of the center as soon as possible if they are interested in learning about the center and possibly enrolling their child (ren). A waiting list does exist when the center is at full capacity. The center staff will try to accommodate the enrollment needs of parents, but because of being a university based center, there is no guarantee that spaces will be available at the exact time to meet the needs of parents.

Parents can apply to the child care center by calling 610-758-5437 or e-mailing kc06@lehigh.edu for information regarding the admittance to the center.

Schedule Changes

Part-time care requires parents to designate days and hours that their child (ren) will be attending the center (up to 24 hours a week), thus establishing a schedule, prior to a child attending the center. However, once this schedule is established, days and hours of care can not be changed or substituted. Though parents can not change part-time schedules, requests for extra hours as needed may be made and will be considered and granted if space is available. In situations that allow for the additional requested hours, the weekly full-time rate will be charged when the total hours are over the 24-hour limit of part-time care.

A request for a permanent schedule change from part-time care to full-time may be made at any time. If space is available, we will grant the request. A permanent decrease in hours, changing from a full-time to a part-time status will be granted upon request, becoming effective the following week.

Fees and Billing

Parents are billed for 51 weeks. The center charges full-time fees (25 – 50 hours a week) and part-time fees (24 hours or less a week). Parents can choose to have their child care fees deducted from their paychecks or to be billed monthly by the Bursar’s Office. After a parent chooses the payment method, the director of the center will furnish the Bursar’s office or the payroll department with the appropriate information.


PART-TIME FEE (24 Hours of less): $175.00 A WEEK
$175.00 times 51 weeks divided by 12 months = $743.75

FULL-TIME FEE (25 Hours or more): $215.00 A WEEK
$215.00 times 51 weeks divided by 12 months = $913.75

Each additional sibling = $185.00 A WEEK
$185.00 times 51 weeks divided by 12 months = $786.25

Parents are responsible for paying all child care fees in a timely manner.

Fees MUST be paid whether or not a child is in attendance. Consideration will be given when a child has been ill for an extended period of time and due to the nature of the illness and upon physician’s orders is not able to return to child care, the monthly payment may be reduced or waived.

Parents wishing to take their children on holidays and vacations may do so but are still responsible for the child care fee. In certain situations with prevailing circumstances, a “child care sabbatical or leave” may be granted by the director (maternity leave, Lehigh leave or sabbatical, traveling to one’s country of origin during semester break or summer, family illness and other extenuating circumstances.)

Late Fees

Parents who fail to pick up their children on time ( 5:30 PM) will be charged a late fee of $15.00 per child for every 15 minutes after the 5:30 PM closing time. In cases of emergencies or uncontrollable circumstances (flat tire, traffic accident) parents need to notify the staff at the center to prevent being charged a late fee. The director of the center reserves the right to terminate child care services of children whose parents are late on a consistent and regular basis.

Notification of Absences

It would be greatly appreciated if parents would notify the center either through a phone call or an e-mail when their child(ren) are going to be absent from the center or will be arriving later in the day.

Notification of Withdrawal

If you plan to withdraw your child from the center, please inform the director at least 2 weeks prior to the withdrawal date.

Change Of Status

Parents will need to notify the center when their status changes at the University. When an individual is no longer employed as a faculty or staff member at the University or when a student is no longer enrolled at the University, child care services will be terminated.


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