Comedy Rig Details

The comedy rig is a 200 watt per channel, stereo, 2 or 4 speaker, full range sound system, capable of supporting up to 8 microphones and a CD/cassette player. The system also includes a handheld wireless microphone. Monitors are not included, but can be added if needed.

The comedy rig is ideal for groups up to around 150 people.

System Inventory

1 - Alesis Studio 12R Mixer
1 - Tascam CD-A500 CD Player/Cassette Recorder
4 - EV ZX1-90 Full Range Speakers
1 - Sennheiser FreePORT Handheld Wireless Dynamic Microphone
1 - QSC USA 900 Amplifier
Microphones, Microphone Stands, Speaker Stands, and Cables are allocated as needed.

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