big rig details

The big rig is a 1,000 watt per channel, bi-amped, stereo system, supporting two 18" speakers and two 18" subwoofers. It is capable of supporting several microphones, along with CD/cassette playback. Four monitors, compressor, & limiter are standard equipment.

The big rig is ideal for groups up to around 500 people.

System Inventory

1 - Behringer MX3282A 32-channel Mixing Console
1 - Tascam CD-A500 CD Player/Cassette Recorder
1 - Rane AC22B Active Crossover (mains)
1 - BBE 882i Sonic Maximizer (mains)
1 - Rane ME60 Dual 31-band Graphic Equalizer (mains)
2 - Behringer Composer Pro MDX2200 Compressor/Limiter (1 - mains, 1 - monitors)
1 - Furman RackRider RR215 Dual 15-band Graphic Equalizer (monitors)
2 - JBL MR838 18" 3-way Speakers
2 - JBL MR918 18" Subwoofers
4 - Kustom 10" Slant Monitor Speakers
1 - Crown Powerbase 1 Amplifier (powers monitor speakers)
2 - Crown Powerbase 2 Amplifiers (powers L/R main JBL MR838 18" subwoofers)
1 - Crown Powerbase 3 Amplifier (powers L/R main JBL MR918 18" speakers)
Microphones, Microphone Stands, Speaker Stands, and Cables are allocated as needed.

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