About the Department

Dial 8-4200

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The University Police Department, located in Johnson Hall, operates round the clock throughout the year. To reach the university police, dial (610) 758-4200 (8-4200 from any university telephone).

Lehigh University Police Department is accredited by the Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association and the Pennsylvania Law Enforcement Accreditation Commission. Lehigh’s police officers are fully trained and certified by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The university police have and may exercise full police powers on campus. A good working relationship exists between university police and state and local departments.

The primary function of the department is to protect the welfare and safety of our students, faculty and visitors. The preservation of law and order, the protection of property, the apprehension and prosecution of offenders and the enforcement of policies are also important duties.

The Department consists of a chief, one lieutenant, four sergeants, three corporals, fifteen patrol officers, four security guards, eight dispatchers (including part-time),department coordinator, and forty part-time events staff. Included are five community police officers who work out of police substations located in the Campus Square complex and Saucon Village. Lehigh’s police officers receive the same training as municipal police officers. In addition to the state-mandated training course, the department requires officers to have yearly CPR training, firearms school with yearly re-qualification and training in issues relating to drugs, drunk driving and crime prevention.

The university police are a group of highly trained individuals. They receive the most current training available in law enforcement, medical response and other related areas. Ongoing in-service training is varied and all-inclusive. It is our intent to keep the level of professionalism at its highest within the department and to constantly seek new and better ways to serve the Lehigh community.

Lehigh’s police report all crimes to the Uniform Crime Reporting System (UCR), which is compiled by the Pennsylvania State Police Bureau of Research and Development. Reports are also shared, if requested, with local police departments.

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