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Principles of Our Equitable Community

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Download a PDF of the Principles of Our Equitable Community.

The Office of Residence Life is committed to the personal and intellectual growth of our students by promoting an environment of civility and respect within our residential community. We have joined with the entire University community to embrace The Principles of Our Equitable Community.

As members of this community, we recognize our collective responsibility to create and maintain a respectful environment and hold each other accountable for our behavior in the residence halls. We have adapted the original document to reflect the needs of our residence hall communities. Each hall discusses these principles and creates an agreement listing ways they as a community will uphold them.

Download a PDF of the Office of Residence Life's adaptation of the Principles of Our Equitable Community.

Lehigh University is first and foremost an educational institution, committed to developing the future leaders of our changing global society. Every member of our community has a personal responsibility to acknowledge and practice the following basic principles:

By upholding these principles, we can establish and maintain a safe, enjoyable, and inclusive environment. As members of the Lehigh community, we recognize our individual responsibility to uphold these principles.

Principles of Our Equitable Community is an adaptation of the document created by Dr. Henry Odi and the Council for Equity and Community. This residential agreement was adapted to represent the needs of students living in our residence halls. It is signed by all residential students at Lehigh University.