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Living on campus is an integral part of you learning experience at Lehigh. For most students, living at college is a time of firsts: your first time living away from home and your first time having a roommate. Many of those firsts can be very challenging, but it is meeting those new challenges that make living on campus so rewarding.
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 Living in a Community

Roommates, Hallmates, Suitemates, Housemates

students outdoors Probably one of the biggest anxieties incoming students have when they come to college is how they'll get along with their fellow community members. Some tips and strategies are presented on this page. Upon arriving at Lehigh, many new students will be living in a residence hall with one of more unrelated people for the first time. Even those that have been assigned a single room, your year will be characterized by interactions with those living closest to you: your hall mates. These tight living quarters can present a tremendous challenge, even among the best of friends.

Roommate Agreement Forms

To assist you to better know your roommate(s) the Office of Residence Life provides you with agreement forms to be filled out at the beginning of the year. During the first two weeks of the fall semester your Gryphon  will work with you and your roommate(s) and/or housemates to complete your agreement form. Click the links below to obtain a copy  of  each type of Agreement.

Hall Communities will also develop a set of community standards based on the Principles of an Equitable Community.

Right from the beginning, it is very important to communicate openly with your roommate about topics ranging from study methods to taste in music. Learning to live with another person, to acknowledge and respect your differences, and to allow one another the space to grow is a valuable component of the residential experience.

It will be a challenge to talk about your differences, but taking time to discuss your personal needs up front and reach a written agreement is a good way to head off problems before their arise. Keep your Gryphon appraised of how things are going. If troubles arise, do not hesitate to speak with your Gryphon or your area's Residence Life Coordinator. We encourage students in conflict to seek mediation through the Office of Residence Life.