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2011-2012 Communities

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Green House

Warren Square A

Community Coordinator
Joshua Cook
802.355.4687 (c)

Delicia Hahman
Sustainability Coordinator

Kenneth Kodama
Earth & Environmental Science


Brodhead Residence Hall

Community Coordinator
Estefania Perdomo
717.615.3954 (c)

Community Coordinator
Nevin Sackson
917.716.2275 (c)

Madelyn Eadline
Office of Special Projects

Music Appreciation

Warren Square B

Community Coordinator
Emily Koehler
610.223.0913 (c)

Paul Salerni
Zoellner Music Dept.


Warren Sq. D

Community Coordinator
Matthew Chu
585.507.6534 (c)

Carolina Hernandez
Director of Community Services

Green House

Community Placement: Warren Square A

Areas of focus: Academic, Community Service, Programmatic, Sustainability

Affiliation(s): Coalition of Appropriate Transportation (CAT), Earth and Environmental Science Department, Green Action, Students for Sustainable Development, Environmental Coalition

Mission: As an environmentally themed community, the Green House serves as a hub for people who value environmental awareness in their living space. Through several collaboration efforts with other offices on Lehigh’s campus, The Green house hopes to bring a feeling of respect and maintenance for our natural resources.

Primary Goals: To learn strategies and technologies that can minimize our impact on the environment and to implement those findings; To sponsor and hold programs based on environmentalism and sustainability; To monitor electricity usage of residence and encourage responsible consumption; To keep residents informed of environmental events; To purchase bicycles for the community in order to encourage less driving.

Programs offered: Lights Out; Cold Shower Sundays Competition; Make your own Environmental Cleaning Solution; Organic Gardening; Low Energy Usage Week; Shortest Shower Competition; Traffic Skills certification; Compost composition; Organic Food Day.


Community Placement: Brodhead House

Areas of focus: Academic, Social, Programmatic

Affiliation(s): Office of Special Projects, Dravo CHOICE housing

Mission: Choice housing serves as an environment of which its occupants can live without alcohol and drugs, and the pressures and problems with which they are associated. This community consists of a diverse group of individuals who support one another’s life style choices. Choice also seeks to enhance the visibility of alternative sources and definitions of what is deemed "the college experience."

Primary Goals: Adhere to university, local, state and federal alcohol and drug policies; Participate in campus wide and local events; Plan an event for almost every weekend of the semester; Develop an intra-community voluntary academic tutoring system.

Programs offered: MOOV volunteers, Spooktacular, Capture the Flag, Dorney Park, Bowling, Corn Maze, Mocktails, etc.

Music Appreciation

Community Placement: Warren Square B

Areas of focus: Academic, Social, Recreational

Affiliation(s): Choral Arts Department, Zoellner Arts Center (ZAC)

Mission: ME pushes to enrich the love and importance of music at Lehigh. Their aim is to extend their passion for the performing arts, primarily choral and instrumental, to all those willing to embrace it.

Primary Goals: To immerse the community in a significant musical lifestyle; To provide its members with a space for musical rehearsal; To provide another glimpse of a rich musical culture.

Programs offered: Instrumental diversity session, Radio Jam Sessions, Community Dinner, Fall Concert, Buzz Trivia Night, Etc.


Community Placement: Warren Sq. D

Areas of focus: Community Service, Social, Programmatic, Service-Learning

Affiliation(s): Community Service Office, First-year Live.Learn.Serve

Mission: To shape participants into leaders and active citizens through the implementation of community service programs at Lehigh and in the Greater Bethlehem Community.

Primary Goals:We hope that any participant, regardless of their current level of involvement in volunteer activities, will gain a greater appreciation of not only the Lehigh community, but also the local community surrounding it.  We aim to provide participants with different ways to become more involved in volunteer activities while allowing participants to gain leadership experience by planning and leading their own service events.  Overall, we hope participants view their communities in different ways, see the needs present within them, and find the various methods to address those community needs. 

Programs offered: Community service programs on campus though the Community Service Office, community service programs in the Lehigh Valley, fellowship activities with other participants, leadership skills training, mentorship programs with first-year Live.Learn.Serve participants, etc.