Facilities, Labs and Centers


George E. Kane Manufacturing Technology Laboratory
Automation and Robotics Laboratory

Director of Manufacturing Technology Lab:  Gregory L. Tonkay, Ph.D. Man Tech Robotics Lab

The George E. Kane Manufacturing Technology Laboratory (named after Professor George Kane who established the laboratory in 1957) focuses on equipment, work systems, machinery, and automation systems for today’s manufacturing environment.  Its purpose is to provide students the opportunity to acquire hands-on experience in the use of the engineering equipment, systems, and tools in the lab.  Current and recent research projects in the lab include the machinability of powder metal parts, studies of several nontraditional machining processes, creep feed grinding, and rapid prototyping. 

The Automation and Robotics Laboratory, established in 1981 contains industrial robots used for various applications. A flexible automation cell is also a focus of the laboratory. Research aspects include the intelligent control of discrete event dynamic systems as well as issues related to intelligent robots. Such research is directed to solving real world problems.


Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE) Computer Lab

ISE Computer Lab

The ISE Computer Lab is a state-of-the-art lab with 38 all-in-one workstations. This computational modeling and visualization facility allows faculty to teach classes that include visualization, computing and simulation. This includes classes such as ISE 316/426 Optimization Models and Applications, ISE 112 Computer Graphics, ISE 305 Simulation and ISE 447 Financial Optimization.

Room 444 Computer Lab

An LTS Computer Lab is available for students to use throughout the course of the school year in Mohler Lab room 444. Students use this lab to work on papers, to check e-mail and Course Site, group presentations and projects.

Computational Optimization Research at Lehigh Lab

John and Brenda McGlade with students in the COR@L Lab

COR@L aims at promoting and conducting graduate-level research, primarily in the areas that lie at the interface of optimization and high-performance computing. Research conducted at the COR@L lab in recent years has focused on cutting edge optimization theory and development of several open source optimization software. The lab brings together faculty and graduate students aimed at establishing a multi-disciplinary research agenda. and research findings are disseminated through refereed publications, national and international conferences, and scholarly presentations. This lab was donated by Dr. Gary and Marian Whitehouse ’60, ’62G.


Center for Value Chain Research

The CVCR is a joint venture between Lehigh University's P.C. Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Sciences and the College of Business and Economics. The Center provides a unique, multidisciplinary approach to research, offering exciting new opportunities for innovation by integrating analytical and quantitative engineering approaches with process-driven and field-based business research.

Enterprise Systems Center

Director: Emory W. Zimmers, Jr., Ph.D.

The Enterprise Systems Center is committed to helping students learn while simultaneously providing value for our clients. We believe that our research should be driven by industry needs and enabled by close partnerships and collaboration.