Student Achievements and Testimonials

Check out what some recent undergraduate and graduate students have to say about their experiences in the ISE program at Lehigh. 

From what initially sparked their interest in ISE to what they have learned, from internships to career opportunities, these student testimonials provide a glimpse into the variety of opportunities one can find as an ISE student at Lehigh. 

If you are planning on taking a tour of Lehigh during the academic school year, and would like to meet some ISE department faculty, staff and students, then please contact Communications Specialist, Abby Barlok at aeb213-at-lehigh-dot-edu or at 610-758-2986 to schedule a visit.

Rob RappaRob Rappa ’11, ’12G
Major: Information and Systems Engineering

Many factors played their parts when I was choosing a college; the three most important of which were academics, location, and campus life. Lehigh is a very strong educational institution; when you tell someone it's your Alma mater, it means something. Lehigh Engineering is well known among professionals and offers variety - in majors, in clubs, and in opportunities.

I've been researching majors since high school. I possess a lot of varied interests and was curious to see how I could follow through with them academically. Most of the majors I looked at, I found to be too specific towards a particular discipline. I wanted a program that would allow me to be versatile with respect to the fields I work with, highly knowledge and technically capable - especially with mathematics and computing. This is exactly what ISE has to offer - the "big picture" type of engineering that acts as a gateway for endless learning and opportunity.

In college you don't just learn formulas and facts, you learn about how to live. So far, the ISE department has shown me, most importantly, that there are opportunities abound if you take the initiative to seek them. For example, this year through the department I've met people from all over the country, some of whom represent major players in industry, merely since I decided to take a step forward. Sitting around waiting for something to happen will take you as far as sitting can get you, which isn't very far at all.

I've been lucky enough, this summer and last, to obtain an internship at the defense contractor ITT, within the Communications Systems division. I work with military network communications systems. My time is divided, as needed, between the lab and the field. In the lab I help perform systems tests of the radios, their software, and the networks they comprise. In the field (Fort Dix) I help support whatever C4ISR related testing is being done.

Imagine a movie or TV show where they demonstrate some technology that seems beyond belief. More generally, something that makes you say "wow.” That's what I want to do. Therefore, after graduation I aspire to work for a company in the aerospace/defense industry. I've always wanted to be at the cutting edge with regards to advanced systems, and this industry is definitely the place where I can find that.

Jake SchwartzJake Schwartz ’13
Major: Information and Systems Engineering

When I began my college search, I had two elements in mind, their engineering programs and the environment that they are. The first work commonly affiliated with Lehigh is 'engineer' and having studied in the department for three years now, I can see why. Lehigh prepares engineering majors with a solid and rigorous platform that will allow them to succeed in any of the engineering disciplines that it has to offer. Switching to the environment at Lehigh, it's the perfect size for me. Lehigh allows you to know most of your classmates after the freshmen introductory courses and the campus is simply amazing.

I chose to major in Information & Systems Engineering because of the opportunities it provides. As an ISE major, I am able to program in multiple programming languages in addition to solving optimization problems. The scope of the program allows you to focus on Information Technology, Operations Research, Logistics and more, which really attracted me to the ISE Department.

As an ISE Major, one feature that I really enjoy is the capability to solve problems through a number of different perspectives. Knowing that I can use programming, software techniques or applied mathematics in my coursework is one of my favorite elements that the program teaches to its students. The most important thing I've learned though the ISE Department so far is to utilize all of your resources. Problems can be solved through a number of different means, but choosing the optimal method can save you a lot of time and effort.

When it comes to advice for students interested in engineering, all I can say is expect to work hard. The engineering program at Lehigh is difficult, but as you progress through the department, the knowledge from previous courses really come in handy. Thus, take your introductory courses seriously because it will definitely pay dividends in the future.

After graduation, I plan to work for an IT company that provides consulting services for other corporations. This summer I will be interning for Air Products and Chemical, Inc. as a IT Specialist, where I am eager to apply my technical skills to real world problem sets.

Guliz UncuGuliz Uncu ’12
Major: Information and Systems Engineering

As a student from Istanbul, Turkey, people always wondered why I chose Lehigh. The answer is simple; “engineering.” Lehigh is one of the top engineering schools in the nation. After meeting with Dean Tonkay, I decided to declare my major as industrial engineering. I chose IE because it brings together technology and people in a goal-oriented process.

The best part of Industrial Engineering is the various fields that can students concentrate such as analytical finance, information systems, manufacturing, and leadership. Moreover, the curriculum is very flexible and encourages you to understand your passion through the IE electives.

Our department is really close and everyone knows each other. Mohler is our home where we spend long hours without getting bored of being around IE/ISE students and professors. Also, IE department and professors are very helpful in connecting students with the companies so that they can obtain a job that they are passionate about after graduation.

IE degree has a required summer internship. Last summer, I had the chance to work at Ingersoll Rand, Security Technologies. My internship experience helped me realize that manufacturing is not something that I am interested in doing. For that reason, I kept on searching for the job that I am enthusiastic about. Luckily, I was able to find it; I just accepted an offer with Ernst & Young for IT Risk and Assurance Staff position.

I will be graduating in May 2012 and the biggest advice that I would give to students is to pursue with engineering. Many students switch into business or arts and sciences schools after taking introduction to calculus, physics, engineering classes. If engineering is something that students are interested in, they should not give up easily. The curriculum gets a lot more interesting after getting through the introduction classes.

Also, I encourage everyone to study engineering even if that is not what they are interested in doing after graduation. Engineering gives students the critical thinking and problem solving skills that they wouldn’t be able to gain at any other field. I know that there are a lot of engineering, especially IE students getting business related jobs. Majoring in engineering will put you a step further during job hunting.

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