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Lehigh University's Integrated Business & Engineering Honors Program

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"New technologies are changing business dramatically, and many employers have asked me to create a program like this at Lehigh. Already, Lehigh graduates are eagerly sought after by companies. I predict that the graduates of the IBE program will be even hotter prospects on the job market."
Gregory C. Farrington, Former President, Lehigh University

"We fundamentally believe that the IBE program is an exceptional educational experience. A combination of top students with the interdisciplinary education between engineering and business will foster a unique learning opportunity. I applaud the commitment of Lehigh to building this exciting program."
Jeffrey P. Luker, Partner, Andersen Consulting

"Lehigh has taken a big step toward preparing its students for today’s competitive global marketplace. Companies have a real need for professionals who have the kind of highly developed skills in engineering and business that the IBE program provides."
David O. Aker, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Human Resources, Unisys Corp

"This is a rigorous honors program suited for the brightest high school graduates from this country and abroad. Students will achieve in four years what most students in other programs might accomplish in five years or more, and they will graduate with a strong mix of business, international and technical skills."
Robert H. Storer, Professor of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering and Co-Director, IBE Honors Program

"We have searched other institutions and have found only a few programs that resemble IBE. This really isn't surprising, as it is unusual to have a strong business college that is able to partner on its own campus with one of the finest engineering colleges in the nation."
Stephen G. Buell, Professor of Finance and Co-Director, IBE Honors Program