Integrated Healthcare Delivery Workshop

Thursday, May 10, 2012
Lehigh University |  Mountaintop Campus
Iacocca Hall | Wood Dining Room

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The delivery of affordable, effective healthcare is as prominent as it has ever been on the national stage. Beyond the politics, however, lies a simple truth: solutions for this complex challenge require an integrated approach that draws from the medical and provider community and associated insurance and regulatory organizations, as well as experts from the realms of business and economics, information technology, and systems engineering.

This workshop will explore the state of the art in this field, future research directions and challenges, and mechanisms for interdisciplinary cooperation. To be part of this important dialogue, please register by May 1st, 2012.

The workshop has been organized by a committee from Lehigh's faculty in computer science and engineering, economics, industrial and systems engineering, and management. This committee is developing a broad Lehigh research network comprised of academic, industry, and government partners that will work with regulators and granting agencies to provide patients with informative and high quality care while making use of resources in the most efficient manner possible.

Lehigh Integrated Healthcare Delivery

Lehigh research in Integrated Healthcare Delivery is focused on the integration of economic incentives with effective management of information and development of IT-enabled engineering systems to address issues of efficiency and effectiveness in healthcare.  

Spurred by a high level of national interest, there has been a recent upswing of independent research within the areas of economics, information systems, and industrial engineering/operations research on healthcare applications. To achieve the goal of a high-quality, fully-integrated and efficient healthcare delivery system, Lehigh is encouraging collaboration across a broad range of disciplines to work closely with organizations involved in healthcare delivery.