Employee Wellness Programs

Lehigh University Employee Wellness Program Mission Statement

The goal of the Lehigh University Employee Wellness Program is to provide programs, resources, and activities for employees that will help promote a healthy and active lifestyle. More specific objectives include:

  • Increase employee participation in wellness programs
  • Support healthier lifestyles
  • Noticeable, positive changes in health screen results over a period of time.


Links for Wellness Programs

Links for Wellness Resources


Wellness Committee Contacts:


 Committee Member  Department  ext.  e-mail
 Catherine Headman  Baker Institute  85626  ceh4@lehigh.edu
 Debbie Henritzy  Library & Technology Services  85007  dah3@lehigh.edu
 Olga Jacoby  Music Department  83835  oj00@lehigh.edu
 Edwin Kay  Computer Science & Engineering  83623  ejk0@lehigh.edu
 Hillary Kwiatek  Human Resources  85165  hik210@lehigh.edu
 Mary Jo McNulty  Human Resources  83894  mjd4@lehigh.edu
 Annette Ruhe  Library & Technology Services  83825  alr1@lehigh.edu
 Adriane Stasurak  Health Center  84478  acs207@lehigh.edu
 Vivien Steele  English Department  83314  vls1@lehigh.edu
 Janice Stoudt  Finance & Administration  83178  jmse@lehigh.edu
 Douglas Strange  Welch Fitness Center  84432  dws0@lehigh.edu
 Rick Weisman  Civil & Environmental Engineering  83557  rnw1@lehigh.edu



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