Organizational Development

Organizational Development (OD) is the planned process of developing a group, team, department, or organization to be more effective in accomplishing its desired goals. OD focuses on developing the structures and systems within the organization to improve organizational effectiveness. Human Resources Development (HRD) focuses on the growth of individuals within the organization.

HR staff members have worked with managers, supervisors, team leaders, committees, and other groups to develop strategies to achieve desired outcomes. Frequently, external consultants are included in the process. HR has helped departments with initiatives such as:

  • Planning retreats
  • Facilitating planning meetings
  • Creating vision, mission, and goal statements
  • Establishing group norms
  • Managing conflict
  • Reorganizing department
  • Coaching individuals
  • Other developmental activities.

How can OD support departments or teams?

OD Projects

How to use OD consulting services

The first step is to make an appointment to discuss individual situations and for HR to conduct an assessment of needs. HR will ask a series of questions to help identify the core issues and discuss alternative solutions. HR may be able to assist individuals or we may consider using the expertise of an external consultant.

OD Contacts:

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