Workplace Learning and Performance

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Workplace Learning and Performance supports Lehigh's Staff Employment Value Strategy (SEVS), a comprehensive package of rewards that acknowledges the important contributions of staff and enables Lehigh to attract, retain, and motivate highly qualified staff. Three major elements of SEVS include:

  • Professional development that is aligned with department goals and the University's strategic plan through course work, on-campus training, off-site training, and participation in professional associations that directly impacts an employee's ability to expand or improve their contributions to Lehigh
  • Career management for employees who are ready, willing, and able to expand the scope of their responsibilities and increase their contribution to the department
  • Performance management that increases employee understanding of the strategic objectives through effective communication of goals and measures that are clearly connected to the strategic plan. Performance management provides the tools for staff members and their supervisors to establish clear performance goals; measures to assess performance; plans for learning to enhance performance; and continuous feedback through ongoing communication.

To create a workplace that embraces learning and development based on institutional needs and future goals, managers and staff members are responsible for working together to achieve individual, departmental, and institutional goals.

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