Staff Compensation

The most valued asset of Lehigh University is its human capital. Our ability to fulfill the institution’s mission rests solely with our faculty and staff members. By recruiting, hiring, and retaining quality employees, the University can excel as a leader in higher education.

A market competitive compensation program for staff is an integral component in developing an exemplary workforce dedicated to our teaching and research missions. Accordingly, the University is committed to administering a staff compensation program that is both fair and equitable while recognizing University constraints. The University demonstrates its commitment to ensuring competitiveness of staff salaries and supporting a culture of accountability and high performance by:

  • Providing competitive reward opportunities that will serve to attract, motivate, retain, and reward the high quality talent required to ensure Lehigh's achievement of its strategic goals and the operational goals of colleges and departments
  • Providing staff salary levels which will be competitive with Lehigh's market, reflect the economic value of the job, and reflect the type and quality of work performed
  • Providing staff pay structures that will be positioned at the median competitive salary level
  • Providing staff salary adjustments that are determined on an individual basis and are based on meritorious performance and contributions to the accomplishment of department and institutional goals.

The underlying principles for staff compensation, benefits, workplace learning and performance, employee relations, and employment are delineated in the Staff Employment Value Strategy (SEVS).

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