HR Staff

To Be Determined, Associate Vice President

Phone Number:  610-758-5657


The associate vice president is responsible for the overall function of the Human Resources Office.

Joseph Boligitz, Senior Systems Administrator

Phone Number:  610-758-5610


Joe is the technical administrator in Human Resources for Banner HR and other secondary computer systems.

Mary Ann Cahalan, Human Resources Assistant

Phone Number: 610-758-3698


Mary Ann provides direct support to Employee Relations and Workplace Learning and Performance.

Lori Claudio, Human Resources Associate: Employment

Phone Number:  610-758-3916


Lori is responsible for the recruitment of nonexempt staff and assists hiring supervisors with the recruitment of exempt staff in the Employment area.

Kimberly Drey, Benefits Analyst

Phone Number: 610-758-3895


Kimberly will be providing analytical, technical, and administrative support to the benefits area for the benefits allocation review and The Affordable Care Act.

Toni Lee Febbo, Director, HR Services

Phone Number:  610-758-3896


Toni Lee oversees the HR Services areas that include Benefits Administration, Employment, and Staff Compensation.

Patricia Glasgow, Senior Human Resources Assistant

Phone Number:  610-758-3936


Patti provides direct support to the Benefits function within Human Resources.

Timothy Hinkle, Human Resources Associate: Benefits

Phone Number:  610-758-5167


Tim provides benefits counseling for the area of Benefits Administration. He works closely with vendors on policy changes, with retirees (those already retired or considering retirement), and with new employees. Tim also presents benefits-related programs for Workplace Learning & Performance.

Betty Konczyk, Senior Human Resources Assistant

Phone Number: 610-758-2952


Betty provides direct support to the Benefits function within Human Resources.

Hillary Kwiatek, Communications Specialist

Phone  Number:  610-758-5165


Hillary is responsible for departmental communications including Spotlight, In The Spotlight, and LASER newsletters.

Mary Jo McNulty, Human Resources Associate: Recognition & Wellness

Phone Number:  610-758-3894


Mary Jo manages the Wellness Programs and coordinates Staff Recognition and Reward Programs. She oversees the BEST Program and supports marketing and registrations for Workplace Learning & Performance. She is also the business manager for Human Resources.

Kathy Novogratz, Human Resources Assistant

Phone Number:  610-758-3887


Kathy provides general administrative support for the Human Resources Office including reception, clerical, data entry, filing/recordkeeping, and other administrative duties.

Linda Parks, HR Associate: Employee Relations, Staff Development, Career Management

Phone Number:  610-758-5195


Linda provides problem-solving support in the Employee Relations area. Linda also presents and coordinates programs for Workplace Learning & Performance and Career Management.

Barbara Reed, Human Resources Assistant

Phone Number:  610-758-5847


Barb provides direct support to the Employment function within Human Resources.

Alice Sikorski, Human Resources Associate: Special Projects

Phone Number:  610-758-2789


Alice maintains the HR website, Compass Guides, and Staff Guides. She provides assistance with tuition policy questions and benefits counseling. She also provides technical and analytical support to projects within Human Resources.

Judith Zavalydriga, Director, Employee Relations and Workplace Learning & Performance

Phone Number:  610-758-3897


Judy directs the areas of Employee Relations and Workplace Learning & Performance including Performance Management and Career Management services.

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