Employee Relations

Lehigh University’s Human Resources Office is committed to establishing and maintaining good working relationships between supervisors and staff members. An equitable, honest, and respectful work environment for all members of our diversified and talented workforce contributes to the on-going success of the University. Collaborative and productive working relationships depend upon open, honest communications. We strongly encourage direct communication between staff members and supervisors as the best means to enhance understanding, clarify situations, and quickly resolve most issues.

From time to time, situations arise and events occur that interfere with normal work processes and relationships. Employee Relations provides assistance in removing barriers to work performance and in resolving employee and/or management issues of concern through advice, counseling, mediation, and referral. Employee Relations staff members work with departments, managers, and individual staff members. We do not attempt to act as advocates for either the employee(s) or manager(s) involved in a particular situation. We assist with problem-solving and mediation support as a neutral party for all concerned.

The Employee Relations staff members can provide assistance for questions related to employee relations policies and procedures. They can address concerns about one’s self, another employee, and/or the supervisor. They can also help assess a situation, prepare for a discussion, and/or develop an action plan to address the situation.

Conversations with Employee Relations staff are kept confidential with the exception of situations that present an imminent threat to life and property or which are in conflict with prevailing laws.

Employee Relations also coordinates special programs for staff members to enhance working relationships through work/life balance programming and organizational development efforts.

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Additional Employee Relations information is available on the Programs and Services, Resources, and FAQs web pages.


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