Internal Applicant Frequently Asked Questions

Managerial and Professional Staff Positions



Am I considered an internal applicant?

You are considered an internal applicant at Lehigh if you are currently in a classified, exempt or nonexempt position. Employees currently in temporary or wage positions, or whose employment at Lehigh is through a temporary service, are not considered internal applicants and are encouraged to apply through the external applicant process.

Do I need to complete an application?


Internal applicants must set up a profile on the online application system and submit an application. You should include a resume with a cover letter specifying the position(s) for which you are applying. You must completely fill out all sections of the internal application even if you attach a resume. The internal application is a short form with important release information authorizing Lehigh University to complete background checks.

Background checks will be required if the position for which you are applying involves fiduciary responsibility, transporting students, working in the dorms, or overnight travel with students. For positions with these types of responsibilities, a credit bureau report and/or department of motor vehicle report will be completed on internal applicants.

Is an internal applicant guaranteed an interview?

If your skills and qualifications closely match the job requirements, you may be contacted for an interview. An interview is not guaranteed.

Must I tell my supervisor I am applying for the job?

Human Resources encourages you to have a conversation with your supervisor regarding your interest in another position at Lehigh. It is always better if the supervisor hears this news from you. Be sure to inform your supervisor before any reference checks are made.

If I change positions how will my salary be impacted?

If the position you are considering is the same grade as your current position (i.e., grade 8 to grade 8), your salary may or may not change based on the accountabilities and requirements of both positions.

Promotion to a higher grade position (i.e., grade 8 to grade 9 or higher) usually results in a salary increase depending on hours worked and the grade of the new position.

Similarly, moving to a lower grade position (i.e., grade 8 to grade 7) may result in a reduction in salary, again dependent on hours worked and position grade.

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