At Times Life Can Seem Confusing and Out of Focus

Help is a telephone call away.

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a professional, confidential, accessible, and free service available to all full-time faculty and staff and their dependents for assistance with problems or concerns. In addition, when there is a troubled employee; often there is a troubled supervisor. The EAP can help the supervisor too. Allow the EAP's Supervisor Consultation Team to be your resource.

How can I be a better supervisor?

One of the goals of the EAP is to help employees and supervisors achieve peak performance.

Employees with problems can have a tremendous impact on you, your department, and the University. These situations must be dealt with quickly and effectively before the impact is too great.

We understand responding in a timely and appropriate manner is not easy. Dealing with a troubled employee can be one of the most difficult supervisory responsibilities.

The EAP can help in this sensitive area of employee relations by providing support and offering practical guidance regarding intervention.

Why should I get involved with a troubled employee?

Lehigh does not expect you to become involved in the private lives of employees. However, we do expect you to address personal issues that have an impact on the workplace.

As a supervisor, you work closely with your staff. At some point, you may encounter unusual actions, reactions, or behaviors from employees who normally perform well. Being sensitive to these changes is important because you can offer guidance before it affects the performance of the team. If you are looking for new ideas or for solutions to unusual problems, consider the EAP.

So – Do not be part of the problem – Be part of the solution!

How do I know if the EAP can help me?

Have you ever…

You have a lot to gain by asking for help from the EAP's Supervisor Consultation Team.

If you are not sure of the best way to handle the situation or whether the EAP is the appropriate resource, consider calling a member of the Supervisor Consultation Team before intervening with a troubled employee.

Remember . . .

Small problems are easier to fix than big problems! The sooner you call and act, the easier it may be to achieve a positive outcome.

What can I expect from the Supervisor Consultation Team?

  1. A patient, professional, confidential, and objective understanding of problems with a troubled employee.
  2. Guidance and support in approaching the employee about performance and work habits.
  3. A different perspective – alternative solutions.

The most important thing to remember is that you are not alone . . . There are many resources available.

Consulting with EAP . . .

·        Is an additional resource and a positive step!

·        Does not commit you to anything. The decision to approach an employee always remains your freedom and choice.

·        Is absolutely confidential.

Remember . . .

If that troubled employee is still troubling you . . . help is just a phone call away!

The EAP is available to help solve problems and save jobs.