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Employee Assistance Program


What is the Employee Assistance program?

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a confidential assessment, brief counseling, and referral service sponsored by Lehigh University and provided by Integrated Behavioral Health (IBH).  The EAP offers employees and their families readily accessible, professional, and high quality assistance whenever they need it or personal or work-related problems.

Why do we have an EAP?

Lehigh is concerned about your well being. We recognize that personal problems can affect health, well being, and work. Lehigh established the EAP to help faculty and staff and their families deal with personal problems before they affect home or work life.

How do I know if the EAP can help with my problem?

If you are not sure whether professional assistance is necessary or appropriate for the difficulties you are experiencing, you can call and speak with a staff member of IBH before you make an appointment.

Remember that it is important to seek assistance early in the development of a problem. The sooner the problem is addressed, the greater the likelihood for a positive outcome.

Why should I use the EAP?

The EAP benefit offers CONFIDENTIAL assessment and referrals at no cost to the employee. Common EAP issues include: marital, family, financial, and legal issues, stress management, conflict resolution, and parenting issues.  EAP counselors provide:

  1. Problem Assessment: When someone has difficulty understanding what they are experiencing and what their options are.
  2. Brief Intervention: A limited number of visits (up to 3 per incident) available to help complete the assessment or resolve situational problems.
  3. Referrals: Coordinating with IBH Care Management to identify community resources and network providers of behavioral health services.

EAP services are available ONLY through the IBH network. If you need EAP services, call IBH first at 800-395-1616.

When should I call for EAP services?

When you or a covered family member are experiencing any personal or work-related problems and would like some help in resolving them, you can contact IBH Care Management Services (1-800-395-1616) and personally speak with a care manager who will help you decide what kind of service you need and provide you with appropriate referrals.

What are the costs?

Lehigh has contracted with IBH to provide up to three counseling sessions at no cost to you.

Will anyone know if I contact the EAP?

No! No one will be told that you are receiving services from the EAP. Although IBH keeps records of the services provided to you, no information will be released to anyone without your consent.

Who is eligible for the EAP?

All salaried, benefits eligible employees, working at least 75% of a full work schedule, and their dependents can use the services of IBH. The University encourages employees to do so when the need arises.

What are the benefits of using the EAP?

The first step in solving a problem is knowing where to call.

Remember the following:

        The EAP can help with any type of personal problem.

        The EAP is free of charge to you and family members.

        The EAP is confidential.

        The EAP is easy to use.

For an appointment or for more information, call IBH at:

(800) 395-1616