The Workplace Learning & Performance Mindset

To create a workplace that embraces learning and development based on institutional needs and future goals, managers and supervisors must strive to:

  • Recruit exceptional talent and develop staff to achieve a balance between current and future needs.
  • Be talent developers and performance coaches.
  • Guide staff development based on the University's need for new skills and capabilities:
    • training and development programs for staff who are new in their role,
    • work and stretch assignments that challenge staff who are mature in their roles,


    • developmental assignments for those who need to improve performance.
  • Tailor development plans to meet individual needs.
  • Recognize that the best opportunities for development exist in the current position.
  • Empower staff members to develop abilities that increase their contribution.
  • Support staff's development efforts through appropriate learning opportunities including seminars, workshops, conferences, on-the-job special assignments, projects, participation in professional associations, and other planned activities.
  • Recognize that development leads to greater potential for advancement but is not formula-driven. Development -- with or without upward advancement -- adds value to the individuals and to the institution.


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