Ongoing Tracking and Feedback

Ongoing Tracking and Feedback is the second phase of the performance management cycle. The culture shift is from viewing performance management as a once-per-year performance appraisal to viewing it as an ongoing process throughout the year. Employees and supervisors share responsibility for monitoring performance and initiating conversations about employee performance. It is the manager’s role to provide coaching and balanced feedback.

Performance of the ongoing key accountabilities as well as progress towards established goals and objectives for the position are monitored and tracked. Attainment of goal milestones and results should be documented. Completion of special projects and assignments should also be recorded. Each employee and supervisor should communicate about progress and obstacles on a frequent basis, either informally or formally. Requests for input and/or feedback can be initiated by either the employee or the supervisor.

Ongoing tracking and feedback is not a new concept. Many areas of the University have well-established practices in place – e.g., quarterly evaluations, program reviews, periodic assessments, individual and group meetings and frequent reporting. Tracking and feedback mechanisms may vary by department and supervisor.

In the future we anticipate an electronic tool to make the employee’s and supervisor’s role of ongoing tracking and feedback a much easier process.

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