The Benefits Allocation Review

The Charge

The Benefits Allocation Review Team (BART) was convened to accomplish the following charge:

  • Develop a comprehensive statement of the goals and performance expectations for Lehigh's benefit programs, both from an institutional and an employee perspective;
  • Develop appropriate metrics and assess the effectiveness of the current program with respect to the articulated goals and performance expectations; and
  • Develop recommendations to make the program more effective within our current resource parameters.

New Lehigh University Retirement Plan Fund Detail Charts


Investment Structure and Funds

Full Fund Names With Ticker Symbols


Senior Officers' Decisions Report
The report of the Senior Officers regarding their final decisions is now available to read. You can download it here. All employees will also receive a printed copy of the report via campus mail.



Phase One

BART's first task was to develop Lehigh's Benefits Philosophy. They did this by analyzing the Lehigh Benefits Survey data, hosting interactive meetings across campus, and looking at benefits philosophies from other organizations. This philosophy now provides an overarching framework within which the team is accomplishing its charge.

The first team completed its report of preliminary recommendations. Download the pdf version here. Paper copies were delivered to all benefits eligible employees during the second week of September.


Phase Two Complete
With the support of HR and outside consultants from The Mercer Group, a new group of staff and faculty (listed below) met in three sub-teams to further study and develop recommendations in their respective areas. The sub-teams then convened as a combined team later in the fall semester to review and finalize all recommendations .

Download their report and recommendations here.



Health Care

Brenda Bachman, Finance & Administration


Sharon Friedman, CAS

Brigit Gray, LTS

Bill Griffin, Athletics

Warren Loller, Finance & Administration

Sue Meyers, Advancement

Sudhakar Neti, Mechanical Engineering & Mechanics

Glenn Strause, Finance & Administration


Shelley Drozd, RCEAS

Steve Firtko, LTS

Emily Groff, Communication and Public Affairs

Patti Lawrence, CBE

Pat Mann, Provost's Office

Jenn Scaia, Residence Life

Neal Simon, CAS

Jean Toulouse, CAS




Heidi Casciano, Advancement

Judd Hark, LTS

Vince Munley, CBE/Provost's Office

Michael Oblick, Finance & Administration

Susan Szilagyi, Finance & Administration

Gretchen Tillitt, COE

Rhonda Weidner, Student Affairs

Al Wurth, CAS

Human Resources Support:

Kimberly Drey

Betty Konczyk

Alice Sikorski


Proposed Revision To Short Term Disability Benefit Policy

As a result of the Benefits Allocation Review, the university's Short Term Disability Policy is being revised. The new policy aims to provide equity among all staff, including exempt and nonexempt.

For More Information

FCC (login required) and ERAC have set up web pages dedicated to providing more information to employees about the BART process. HR encourages faculty and staff to visit these pages and learn more about this important work.

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