Staff Recognition Pyramid

The Lehigh University staff recognition programs should be viewed in the continuum of four programs. 

  • First is our base compensation program of salary and benefits. All salary increases are based on merit and therefore provide a significant foundation to recognize meritorious service.
  • As supplemental features, we have three special programs above base compensation. 
    • The Lehigh Tradition of Excellence Award recognizes an individual or team who demonstrates outstanding behaviors or produces exceptional results. Recipients will receive a $150 check and a medallion. 
    • The Spot Bonus Program is aimed at providing a timely cash bonus ranging from $300 to $3,000 to an individual (or team) that has really contributed significantly to the attainment of a discrete and ambitious goal or task that is above and beyond what we would normally expect. 
    • Finally, the annual Lehigh University Awards are given at the end of the year at the Lehigh Appreciation Dinner. These might be viewed as recognition awards for proven competence and excellence over a period of months and/or years. It is important to keep all the award programs in perspective. We use the analogy of a pyramid to represent the level and frequency of award type.

Lehigh University Awards

Spot Bonus Awards

Tradition of Excellence Awards

Annual Merit Salary Increase Policy


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