Spot Bonus Award Program

The Spot Bonus Program’s goal is to provide special recognition to staff members who have accomplished an extraordinary achievement within the workplace. Spot Bonus Award recipients’ contributions will be tied to a major department, stem, and/or University goal, and recipients and their accomplishments will be publicized.


  • Performance substantially beyond expectation on a specific assignment, task, or goal
  • Contributions that have a significant impact on department or university objectives
  • Extraordinary efforts above and beyond the normal responsibilities of the position.

In general, the achievement should be a discrete series of actions over a finite period of time that helps to identify it as a special situation that rises significantly above the norm. Accomplishments may often be quantified as to the results they produced. The recognition will be in the form of a one-time cash bonus payment.


All exempt and nonexempt salaried staff members and research staff members of Lehigh University (excluding student and wage employees, leased employees, and affiliated organizations) are eligible. All nominated staff members must have received a performance review in the past year. Senior level administrators serving in non-classified positions are not eligible.


Anyone in the supervisory chain of command may start the nomination process for an award. A nomination form is provided. Each successive supervisor will need to concur with the nomination. Final determination will rest with a special three-person committee.

Achievements will be recognized on a timely basis throughout the year on an individual basis.


The award committee is appointed by the president and is composed of three senior administrators. Current committee members are:

  • John Smeaton (Vice Provost, Student Affairs)
  • Alan Snyder (Vice President & Assoc. Provost, Research and Graduate Studies)
  • Bruce Taggart (Vice Provost, Library and Technology Services)

Scope of Awards:

The size of the bonuses vary based on the achievement, and will be in the range of $300 to $3,000 which may include a departmental contribution.

Spot Bonus Award Recipients


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