Setting Performance Expectations

Setting expectations is the first phase of the performance management cycle. It is important that we clearly understand the expectations of our job in order to perform our tasks and assignments to the best of our abilities. We need to know the desired outcome of our tasks and assignments.

Setting expectations starts with the alignment of departmental plans and goals with Lehigh’s mission, vision, and institutional goals. This is done at the departmental management and senior leadership levels. Once departmental planning is in place, the process moves into individual performance planning.

Setting individual expectations is part of the performance appraisal process and discussion, but it also establishes the framework for the next performance review cycle. Employees need to know where, why, and how to focus their efforts. Key accountabilities need to be reviewed, clarified, and reconfirmed. Clear goals and objectives need to be developed and defined. Individual goals and objectives should also be aligned with the key accountabilities of the position, core and functional success factors, and departmental goals and objectives.

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